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Lambing on Sunhill Croft, Isle of Berneray.


Lambing on Sunhill Croft, Isle of Berneray.

Meg Rodger


We have had a busy and not uneventful lambing this year - hence why there have been no blogs for about a month! In the main, the weather has been kind apart from the occasional stormy night when we have had to hussle all ewes and lambs into sheltered areas and bring the weakest and most vulnerable into the shed. It is always a good feeling when you finally sit down, out of your wellies and waterproofs to the thought that "we have done everything we can, now we can only hope they all make it through until morning".

So quite a few twins this year mostly now springing and bouncing their way around the croft. Evenings are the most fun, when all the lambs seem to have their last burst of energy. The older ones (just 3 weeks old at most) tear around in packs of 6-8 lambs, kicking their heels in the air and coming to a stumbling stop at great speed and most often on top of a rock ... for some reason.

However, it seems that I am just a distraction, so when ever I creep out to take a photo of them 'at it' they all stop still, look at me and scarper off to find their mummies ... maybe I need to go out in disguise?

So until I get a little more time and find an appropriate disguise, I will leave you with a link to a lovely short clip of a newly born lamb finding her feet on a warm breezy spring evening on the top of Sunhill croft. Such quiet moments, sitting and watching life unfold makes all the hard work worthwhile.