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The Woolly Thistles meets The Birlinn Yarn Company

Meg Rodger

Back in August I had a lovely family around my kitchen table all the way from New Hampshire, USA - this was Claire from The Woolly Thistle, her husband and kids who were back to her native roots in Northern Scotland to check up on family and venture on some woolly travels.

The Woolly Thistle stock the best of British yarns for sale direct to customers in the USA. They are just about to receive their second batch from The Birlinn Yarn Company which is our new range of 4 Ply in rustic Naturals and beautiful Hebridean colours.

Claire started her New Hampshire Knits (NH Knits) audio knitting podcast back in September 2014.  The primary reason for starting the podcast was (in her own words!!) to give her husband relief from her constant blether about knitting.  She bought a mic and plugged it into her laptop and has been regularly podcasting ever since.  

So after lunch, Claire and I settled in to have a chat about The Birlinn Yarn Company. Where it all started from, why I love living in this beautiful and harsh wilderness, crofting, the environment, Hebridean culture and seafaring sheep. We covered a lot of subjects!

The time has just flown by since then but it was such a lovely day, that I still wanted to share it with you all. So why don't you get yourself a cup of tea, sit yourself down, pick up your knitting and listen in to our story.

... just be patient it takes about 30 secs before it starts ...

Thanks Claire and the Woolly Thistle for coming round!!