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Monadh - Moor

4 Ply Hebridean Colours

The hues of our 4 Ply colour range reflect the subtle tones and shades of the Outer Hebrides.

Our ecosystems here are as much Highland as Island given that our habitats range from moor to machair, shore and sea. In relatively short distances, you can encounter gliding golden eagles, wild orchids and roaring Atlantic breakers on the shore.

Living in this wild and special place, we are constantly reminded of how important it is to care for our environment. Therefore, for our Hebridean colour range we have used organic dyes to over dye our Storm Grey 4 Ply.  The resulting colours are beautifully subtle and broken relating to our rustic, wilderness environment.

Why not knit yourself a little bit of the Hebrides …

Our out of stock yarns will be replenished by early December when this summers fleece returns from the mill.

Monadh - Moor

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Moordetail copy.jpg
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Monadh - Moor


Our Monadh - Moor 4 Ply yarn evokes the boggy moors and heather hillsides of the Hebrides. It works well with Peaty Brown and a touch of Reef blue to give a lovely rustic palette.

50g (175 meters)

Hebridean & Cheviot blend

Coloured with Organic dyes

Knit as 4 Ply on 3.5mm

Hand wash with care.

Batch: Moor2017

100% wool

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